Welcome to Royal Majestic Design

In today’s ever-changing environment, media and marketing are two essential components for every business entity. When it comes to building client relationships, media and advertising, every company should have well established marketing collateral in place such as an integrated logo and detailed product packaging. After our extensive research in the regional market, we have discovered increasing demand for advertising services here in Dubai. It was this demand that led us to form Royal Majestic. Royal Majestic media and advertising is a privately owned company; engaged in a wide range of services in the media and advertising industry.Established in 2014, we focus on delivering unique and personalized services to all of our clients. Royal Majestic utilizes market-leading services that focus on providing high quality results and extremely reliable service. Doing so allows for a strong relationship to be formed with our clients and ensures a continued sustainability of our business and integrity. With our headquarters in Dubai, UAE, we have the aim to expand our services throughout the wider GCC region with the guarantee that our bespoke services put us at a class above the competition. Basing ourselves in such a dynamic city allows us to be at the forefront of marketing and advertising in the region and allows us unprecedented access to various different markets. The team at Royal Majestic is highly motivated and forward-thinking in the realm of advertising and marketing. Developments in the field are constantly thought upon and discussed in order to implement them in the day-to-day requirements of our clients.  

Our   Mission

To provide a superior advertising service, utilizing the latest techniques  and  innovations  whilst  remaining  environmentally friendly.

Our Services

At Royal Majestic, we  provide superior quality  at   a  competitive cost for all  marketing requirements for businesses. We provide a  multitude of core services in one convenient location in order to save our clients’  time and effort. As a  fully integrated  agency, we pride ourselves in the ability think proactively in a variety of different situations, allowing us to fine-tune our firm to deal with any query that our clients may have.

Our Vision

Expansion throughout the  UAE  &  GCC is our   core vision for the future. We see the region as  a key  source of   marketing  potential  waiting  to be  tapped.  As  an agency,   we   want   to   redefine   advertising service throughout   the  region  and   become a benchmark for distinctive campaigns.

Our Values

We believe that a strong business presence requires key values to  be  adhered  to. These  are  to  deliver honest and  transparent   services  in   conjunction  with  acting ethically in all of our business processes.  Furthermore, we aim to perfect   every project worked on in  order to deliver the  highest quality to all of our clients.

Our Key Services

We offer a wide range of   services to satisfy all     elements of marketing that our clients  may need. We are a fully equipped  agency    with  a  strong skillset   and varied    client base that strives  to  provide   a   plethora  of  options for any business.